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A Budding Romance

A Budding Romance

When asked to write a sentence and draw a picture about spring, this is what Katya came up with:


She wrote, “My dad takes me on daddy daughter dates in spring.”

Now, I love the fact that my husband takes both of our kids out for special one-on-one times, but in the spring Katya is particularly thrilled about the Father Daughter Dinner at our church.  Thanks to the hard work of a great team, each spring brings the chance for dads to show their girls what a special date can really feel like.  The main room is beautifully decorated, the girls can make special accessories the week before to wear or carry, and the lucky couples enjoy good food, fancy desserts and fun dance lessons.

Katya has been looking forward to the evening for a long time.  This year’s theme was the Kentucky Derby, hence the elaborate hat.  Katya laid out her clothes two days before, tried the outfit several times just to make sure, and was very impressed that Daddy got a new hat to wear as well.  Than does a good job of “romancing” our little girl well.  He brought her flowers, helped her add some to her already-decorated hat, and generally focused on crafting the evening to give her a good picture of how a man should treat a girl he cares about.  I am so glad for his strong influence over her ideas of love and romance, and I pray for the man that will most likely come her way someday.  May he love God and care for Katya as well as her daddy does!


A New Look

A New Look

When you realize that your kitchen counter looks like this…


…it is time to take some action.  After months of deliberation, advice, decision making, saving, and waiting, we finally got a call that our new kitchen counters were in.  Than went to work immediately!


Out came the old counters, off came the old tile, and in came a big trash can and the Shop Vac.


After a hard day’s work (more for Than than for the rest of us), we were down to this…


Bright and early the next morning, I did what any woman with a choice would do–went out to visit friends while Than stayed home with both kids and worked!  Not very fair, I admit, but oh-so-nice while Than and our kitchen contractor (a man I would highly recommend, by the way, if you need any work done) banged and hauled and fitted and tiled.  I did come home after a few hours to feed and entertain the kids while the work continued.  (Turns out an old sink is a new toy–amazing, right?!)


Much to my amazement, by 9:00 that evening I could put everything back in its place in my gorgeous new kitchen!!!  It is much better in person, and I’ve already had dinner guests twice, so please come by and have a look.  In case you can’t, here are a few before-and-after photos.

A VERY old (and unusually messy) before shot, from long before we painted…




And now…


Old sink…



New sink (stainless steel, much bigger, and with a seamless edge)…



And one more overall shot from before…



And after…


My sister’s long-distance design advice was invaluable, and I am also thankful for the extra job that helped pay the bills, our contractor who did excellent fast work, and my husband who labored long and hard to make this happen.  I LOVE IT!!!


Bicycle Built for Two

Bicycle Built for Two

When did she get big enough to do this?!!


I don’t know, but she can just barely reach the pedals and was quite proud of herself for doing so.  Our first family bike ride without Daddy pulling the bike cart behind him.  Wow!


Here’s what it looked like just 2.5 years ago…


Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility

Sense & Sensibility The Musical

Thanks to a Christmas gift and kid sleepover, Than and I enjoyed a special evening out.  First came dinner reservations at The Corner Office.  In classic Than style, we enjoyed a meal of appetizers followed by dessert-perfect!  We shared Lemon Steamed Edamame, Suppli al Telefono (yeah, I don’t know how to pronounce it either–the menu says “braised short rib and mozzarella risotto fritters with olive tapenade in a tomato ragu.  Whatever it was, it was YUMMY!), and a Soba Noodle Salad.  For dessert we had their version of a banana split–fried bananas topped with avocado ice cream, coconut whipped cream, nutella, and a few tart cherries.

Following dinner we walked back to the performing arts complex for a new musical based on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.  The longer it went on, the more we loved it!  By the end we were both thoroughly impressed and happily entertained–humor, romance, costumes, clever sets, catchy music and lyrics–highly recommended.  It is playing in Denver through May, so maybe you should buy a ticket!

I am so grateful to be married to a man I enjoy fun times with, and grateful for the other people in our lives who make them possible.

Rewind-Than’s Birthday

Rewind-Than’s Birthday

Believe it or not, Than had a birthday somewhere in here too!!  This was the year of performing arts–an early birthday at The Three Musketeers in downtown Denver and a later celebration seeing 42nd Street at the Boulder Dinner Theater.  In between, our family had a special dinner in his honor with the menu of his choice–chili with special toppings, oven roasted broccoli with pine nuts, homemade guacamole, IBC cream soda, Henry Weinhard’s root beer, and chocolate malt sandwich cookies.  We love you!!

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby

This was Nathan’s first year to enter a car in the Pinewood Derby at church.  He and Than started work on the car at the Father-Son sleepover in January.

They finished the painting at home, enlisted my help with some vinyl stickers, and ended up with this fun version of Lightning McQueen.

The day of the race, Katya played around with friends while Nathan cheered on his car and the cars of his friends.  No prizes were claimed, a bit to the boy’s disappointment, but it was a fun experience and he’s already thinking ahead to next year.

Rewind #1

Rewind #1

Time for a few catch-up posts…

Here’s how we celebrated Than’s birthday:

…free day at the Botanic Gardens, a favorite spot from several years ago recently improved and well worth the visit.

…family dinner with Than’s parents

…Than’s menu choice: Thai Peanut Pasta, Salad, Mango and Kiwi Sorbet

…lots of kind cards, well wishes, and gifts

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday today to Than!  Boy, am I glad he was born.  However, he does seem to be aging more quickly these days…

Seriously, though, I am amazed and grateful for the way God has used him and continues to use him in my life, in the lives of our children, in the lives of other family members, and in the lives of so many others.  His creativity, passion for God, and heart for people are an honor to observe.  Happy birthday, my love!

Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch

Today was the day of Nathan’s first rocket launch!  We’ve gone to watch the launch every year, but this is the first time he had a rocket of his own.

He proudly brought his rocket home Wednesday night (thanks, Mr. Rhodes!) and it was hard to keep him from playing with it until launch day.  He was up bright and early, waiting for Katya and I to be ready to go.  Katya wasn’t too keen about the idea, having spent several days worrying about the possibility of rockets making loud noises, but we got on our way and arrived in plenty of time.  It was a bit windy, but the sun was out and the morning was beautiful.  Nathan spent quite a bit of time just watching other boys launch their rockets and had lots of fun chasing them with the other kids.

One of Katya’s friends was also there, so that helped her relax and feel more at ease.  Finally Nathan decided to send his up in the air.

A countdown, a push of the button, and it was off!  Straight up, high in the blue sky, proper parachute deployment–a perfect launch.  He got to do it again a second time and the parachute melted a bit rather than spread out that time, but the rocket is still in one piece and has been the treasure of the afternoon.  We are grateful to Daddy and all the other men who help make this event such a good time for dads and sons.  Grandpa Chance, you better come join us one year!

Grateful for Fall

Grateful for Fall

Than spearheaded redecorating the house for fall, and I love it!  The rich warm autumn colors blend well with our existing furnishings and when the weather starts to turn cold it is great to feel cozy indoors.  Check it out…

a little bit of vinyl art–I love it!  (a new font that I’ve never used before–fun!)

a close-up of the shelf in the dining room–the last of the roses, some wax covered leaves I made with Katya, and a fun illustration courtesy of

and my favorite part of the decor–new letter blocks from my father-in-law.  You’ll be seeing lots more of these, since I can spell just about anything I can dream up!