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Looking for Leprechauns?

Looking for Leprechauns?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!  Katya’s class has been trying to track down the leprechaun causing mischief in their room.  Katya wrote him a note at school, hoping he would read it and get caught in their leprechaun trap.


(It says, “Dear leprechaun, Come to your new home in Littleton Prep.  They are just for you.  From Katya)

You may not know what a leprechaun looks like, but thanks to a printable game from “Or So She Says…“, I gave my kids a chance to show you.


If you notice a little man running around that matches either of these artistic renderings, grab him and hold on tight!



Now, you may be thinking “That Michelle, always doing some cute little creative activity with her kids.”  You would be correct in thinking that I like creative activities, but I must also be honest and tell you that during the aforementioned activity, there was resistance to the idea of actually following the instructions specified by rolling the dice, a reluctance to take turns and play they game, and outright hostility when the instruction rolled was to draw something on the other person’s leprechaun.  Therefore my Pinterest-y little plan ended up with me cleaning and picking up, trying to uncover my long lost kitchen counters, while the kids drew their own pictures, happily disregarding the game idea.  Such is the way of most of my Pinterest adventures.  Don’t let any mischievous leprechaun fool you into thinking otherwise!

Bicycle Built for Two

Bicycle Built for Two

When did she get big enough to do this?!!


I don’t know, but she can just barely reach the pedals and was quite proud of herself for doing so.  Our first family bike ride without Daddy pulling the bike cart behind him.  Wow!


Here’s what it looked like just 2.5 years ago…


Springtime in the Rockies

Springtime in the Rockies

A few random spring photos…


Nathan and Than went to a Rockies baseball game while the girls were in Houston.  Sounds like they had fun!


Katya has been BEGGING to fly a kite, and we finally got a day with the right wind to do it.  Daddy kept it in the air pretty well, especially considering the inconsistent gusty winds he had to work with!


Do you believe this photo was taken at the end of April?!!  Me either, and we might have snow again when we wake up in the morning.  CRAZY!  (We’ll take the moisture any way God sends it, though.)

Happy Spring!

Garden Season

Garden Season

Despite the fact that Nathan had a snow day from school in the first week of April, it is beginning to be garden time here.  While I was in Houston, Than worked hard to surprise me with a garden freshly tilled, beefed up with new soil and compost, and nicely lined with paths.  It looked great!


Katya and I have planted beets, peas, and kale so far.  More plants to come, but we are on our way…

Easter Hunting

Easter Hunting

My sweet Easter kids…


…had lots of fun looking for things over Easter week.  An egg hunt with cousins at Gran B and Poppy’s house (inside because of snow)


backyard eggs (minus the one the squirrel destroyed),


even finding treasures while wearing an Easter dress and rain boots!


My favorite Easter hunt was the one Than did inside, using clues inside the eggs that led the kids to find the new What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver DVD.  (If you haven’t heard of Buck Denver yet, better click on that link to get up to speed!)


Garden Starting

Garden Starting

Along with all the plants that bloom on their own, we also finally got the garden planted a few weeks ago!  Than borrowed a tiller to prepare the soil, then Katya and I went out a few days later to get things in the ground.  We planted lots of seeds and she even helped me write labels for them.

After school, Nathan helped us put in a few more seeds and plants.  He also spearheaded the labeling effort, running around with signs to put in the right places.

Now comes the hardest part–waiting for things to grow!!  Then comes the real work–watering, weeding, weeding, weeding, and weeding.  I still can’t help being excited, though.  It is so fun to see that tiny bit of nothing turn into a big growing productive something.  Gardening is good for my soul.

What’s Blooming?

What’s Blooming?

Our yard seems to explode with color and fragrance this time of year.  Than took a day last week and went around to photograph all the plants that were in bloom.  He found over 25 different plants flowering at once.  Here’s a sampling…

God sure does a good job making my home beautiful!!

A Garden Picnic

A Garden Picnic

Than’s Aunt Lynne was visiting us recently, and we were able to arrange a picnic at the Botanic Gardens with some of his family.  It was a gorgeous day!  Not much exciting to write, just some photos of us appreciating the gifts of beauty, family, good food, and sunshine.

May Day

May Day

Thanks to the mysterious benefactors who celebrated May Day with our family in mind!  I was feeling sad that I hadn’t done anything for our neighbors, and when I went out on Tuesday morning I found this waiting for me…

The next morning Katya spotted this one hanging from the mailbox…

Whoever you are, thanks for bringing smiles to our house!!  Maybe next year I’ll be able to leave something for you.