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A Bean Grows in Denver

A Bean Grows in Denver

As part of her science unit at school, Katya has been carefully tending some bean seeds in a plastic cup.  She has loved watching them appear and has faithfully photographed their growth from when the sprout appeared to when we put it outside.

I was amazed at how quickly they grew–the first few photos were taken with only about 12 hours between each picture!

Creation is amazing!

Recital (Catching-Up)

Recital (Catching-Up)

Baylor Music Studio Spring Recital–cookies, kids, parents, music–always somewhat the same, but always new too!

Nathan and Katya played a duet together for the first time, and Nathan’s clarinet teacher came for one of the performances to play a clarinet duet with him as well.  We sure heard some good music from so many students!

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the cookie selections included…


Coconut Macaroons

Sugar Cookie Sandwiches with Strawberry Icing

Pecan Brownies

Raspberry Oatmeal Squares

Toffee Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Orange Ricotta Cookies

Almond Cream Cheese Bars

Classic Chocolate Chippers with Walnuts

Easter (Catching-Up)

Easter (Catching-Up)

Wow, I haven’t downloaded pictures from my phone or posted on the blog in 3 months.  What happened?!!

I suppose there are plenty of explanations–life happened, work and church and school and family and whatever else.  The kids are bigger, they aren’t here doing cute stuff every 5 minutes all day long, and there are so many good things to spend time on.

However, for my faithful followers there are still some fun photos and seasonal events to share.  I’ll try to get caught up and break the silence so it isn’t so daunting to post over the summer!

Here is Catching-Up #1–Easter pics.  I’m not sure they need much explanation, they are what they are!


Spring Break-The Destinations

Spring Break-The Destinations

Once we finally made it to St. Louis, we enjoyed mini trips to nearby attractions both familiar and new.

The most original destination was our day trip to Maramec Cavern.  My kids had never been inside a cave before and we were all impressed with the stunning formations, fun stories from our guide, and the amazing size and variety of things God made underground.  Katya and her second cousin were good exploring buddies and Nathan proved to be an able assistant to his great-grandmother.  Lunch at a fun red barn restaurant, a stop at my grandparent’s favorite winery, an assortment of car games and songs, and a dinnertime visit to the California Pizza Kitchen rounded out the day nicely.


Another popular, although familiar, destination was the Butterfly House at Faust Park.  March is “Blue Morpho Month” there, so the greenhouse was all aflutter with extra iridescent blue butterflies as well as the other usual varieties.


Our trip to the zoo was cut short by rain and cold, but we still got to see the sea lion chase Than’s hat with great gusto and laugh at the orangutans antics, including a momma protecting her baby.

However, our favorite St. Louis destination once again was the City Museum.  We’ve been there as a family three times now, but there is always plenty that is new.  We spent the entire day inside, with only a brief foray out for lunch at a nearby city diner.


I think the most original treat on this visit was the chance to play the vintage silent movie theater organ.  It is incorporated into the main center shaft of the museum, with pipes and air-powered instruments tucked away around the central ten story slide.


We happened to see the repairman at work on this intricate instrument, and he let us behind the gate and gave us a “tour.”  He let us all experiment with the three keyboards, the foot pedals, and the different sounds.  Then he played his favorite pre-recorded selection that showed off lots of the features of this old treasure.  It was a very unique experience, and also special to talk with a dedicated volunteer about a craft he is passionate about.


Of course the tunnels and murals are always a hit, and the kids were much more willing to go off exploring together.  The game this time was for them to crawl in a passageway and one of the adults to guess which exit they would pop out at.  We were rarely right!



Our day at the City Museum was also the only day all week we didn’t have rain, so we were free to explore the outdoor climbing and sliding several times as well.  Out here, it was fun for a kid and parent to team up and crawl around together, then eventually run into the other half of the family and switch partners.



A final special feature of our City Museum day was the fun juggler/mime circus show that ended up featuring Daddy as a willing and hilarious volunteer.  I think the kids had almost as much fun watching him as they did watching the talented professional performer, and it was certainly memorable!


Celebrating the Resurrection

Celebrating the Resurrection

Holy Week often seems more hurried than holy, even though each year I wish that it would somehow magically be different.  However, God is faithful to remind us of His great love and sacrifice, the gifts that make possible all of the joyful and necessary activities that fill our days.  Here are some Easter highlights….

The unexpected treat of decorating Easter eggs with our neighbor, invited in my my children when they were delivering hot cross buns.


Bits and pieces of four different generations from both sides of our families, gathered at our house to share the afternoon.


Cousins who get along well and enjoy each other thoroughly.  (No, Katya doesn’t have glasses yet, that is just a dress up pair that she was enjoying for the day!)


A front-and-backyard Easter egg hunt that kept both kids and adults entertained.  Nathan even had the kindness to run some eggs across the street for the little girl who lives there!


The delight of fun treats, large and small, hidden in eggs and given from loving family members.


Not photographed but still important moments to reflect, serve, and rejoice at our church’s prayer walk, Good Friday meal, and stirring Easter service.

And my favorite, 21 people gathered together because of the miracle of God’s saving love for us.  As we read in 1 Peter 1: 3-4 “According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading…”


He is risen!

Katya Graduates

Katya Graduates

While Than may be right in thinking it is a little funny to “graduate” from kindergarten when there are so many more years of school yet to go, it is hard to argue that this is a precious sight:


My mom and Than’s mom were able to join us at the graduation ceremony and I was amazed, just like with Nathan (see his graduation pics here), at all the things these kids have learned in their first year.  Memorized answers, rhymes, jingles, songs–so many ways to keep basic knowledge in their heads.


After the ceremony the kids and parents celebrated with a party at a nearby park.  Not to be left out, Nathan finished off his 3rd grade year with a party of his own.  He has really liked his teacher this year and will miss her a lot when he moves into 4th grade! Here is their picture, although I forgot to ask her permission to post it so I’ve blurred out her face to be respectful of privacy!  Take my word for it, she is beautiful with a firm but gentle manner, affection for her job and students, and a very pleasant teaching voice and attitude.


After the official end of school we celebrated with lunch out and then a trip to the Botanic Gardens.  Hooray for the beginning of summer!


Picking Up Where I Left Off…

Picking Up Where I Left Off…

I’m hoping your May was a crowded as mine was.  That way you haven’t had time to notice that I haven’t posted anything for almost a month!  The longer I wait, the harder it is to figure out how to start back up again, so I guess I’m just going to have to plunge in and go for it.  I wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the adventures we might end up having this summer!

So let’s see, what might you want to know about life in the Baylor house lately?

Let’s start with the final weeks of school…

One of the many benefits of having school uniforms is that the privilege of not wearing a uniform is a big deal!  The last week before the end of school is “Spirit Week” with a different dress-up theme each day.  Here are the kids dressed as their favorite book characters:


(Nathan is a cat named Aldwin from a book called The Familiars, and Katya is Fancy Nancy).  While it is fun for the kids to dress up, by Friday I think we were all ready to go back to the simpler morning routine that comes with knowing what to wear without too much fuss!

Spirit Weeks ends with Field Day.  This is the first year our school has had a field, so it was nice to have Field Day right on our own playground!  I spent the morning bouncing between the third graders and the kindergartners, watching all sorts of fun events led by teams of 8th graders.



There was also an end-of-the year book fair, buy-one-get-one-free, so how could this book-loving mom resist that offer?  I was rewarded by this sight when we got home from school that day:


Nathan, giving science lessons to Katya’s doll, Emma, in a delightful sibling moment on the back porch swing.  I am loving the ongoing blossoming of the relationship between my two kids.

Tune in next time for a look at kindergarten graduation!

He is Risen!

He is Risen!


Has it only been just over a week since Easter?  Seems like a lot longer than that!  We enjoyed a joyous celebration, characterized by lots of the typical activities of the season–our Good Friday service and meal, special music at church (I even got to play in the orchestra!), bright dyed Easter eggs (3 dozen this year), a full table of family and new friends for dinner, egg hunt in the backyard, kids dressed up in nice clothes–so many ways to mark the importance of the resurrection day.  Here are the pictures:








April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day

In honor of April Fool’s Day, I prepared a special dinner.  We ate out of pie pans with odd sized silverware on a beach towel tablecloth.  The kids were a little hesitant at first, but joined in to the fun without too much prodding.  Here’s what we had…


Meatloaf prepared in silicone cupcake liners with blue mashed potato frosting

Purple cauliflower–it came that way from the store!

Red and green orange slices (blood oranges and ugli fruit)

Asparagus–nothing silly about that, it was just on sale

Jello in our juice cups





Happy first day of spring!  Thanks to the inspiration of my sister and some fun hours spent crafting with a friend, this little family flew in this year to help us celebrate…


Now, hop off your computer and go walk around a yard somewhere to see if anything green is poking up yet.  I will too…