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Snow Angels

Snow Angels

We could always use more snow here in the mountain West, but every once in a while we get a really good one.  While Than and I cleaned up Christmas decorations, our kids went outside and dove in.  Snow angels galore covered the yard.


After a brief fight involving ruined snow angels, snow in the face, and other items of that nature, they figured things out and enjoyed some more good times before coming in to melt.  Hooray for God’s gifts of snow, warm coats and snow pants, and kids old enough to get dressed and undressed and play outside by themselves sometimes!



Let It Snow!

Let It Snow!

Friday brought our first snow day of the season, and it was a wonderful one!  The snow started falling on Thursday night and didn’t stop until almost noon on Saturday.  It was so fun to stay home and be cozy.  Poor Than shoveled and shoveled and shoveled (not so good on the back eventually…) but the kids did come out to “help” a little.

We enjoyed having some neighbors as our guests for Friday night pizza, a spontaneous get together arranged during a snow shoveling session.  (That ruler on the picnic table shows 14 inches!)

The sun came out Saturday afternoon and the snow has already begun melting, but hopefully some more will come along–we haven’t made a snowman yet!  (Here’s a photo of the garden from May and one from February).

Blossoms of Light

Blossoms of Light

Thanks to the gift of a membership at the newly revamped Botanic Gardens, we were able to enjoy an evening at their holiday light show.  A fluffy snow began to fall as we drove over and made everything extra festive and beautiful.  Aunt Lynne and her guide dog Karina were with us, and both kids and dog did great navigating crowds and being good despite the cold.  (I think the hot sugared nuts we bought helped, at least for the kids…)

Although it is hard to pick just one or two “best parts” from all the displays we saw, we were impressed with the timed musical light show in the center amphitheater and the glowing “laser snow” in the forest.  I’d almost go again this year, and we certainly won’t miss it next year!

Time for Snow!

Time for Snow!

We happily greeted our first snow a few weeks ago.  Nathan was rooting for 30 inches and a snow day, but didn’t quite get that.  He had to go to school but as soon as he left, Katya pulled on her boots and headed for the backyard.

She played quite happily by herself, exploring the newly white world.  The kids got to play again after school with Daddy outside, checking out all the branches broken off by the weight of fresh snow on still-green leaves.  Hooray for wet white stuff!

(You can see the remnants of our “last night of fall” celebration, which involved roasting marshmallows outdoors in the fire pit knowing that the cold was soon to follow.)

Random Quote

Random Quote

Random Quote #137

When men were all asleep the snow came flying,

In large white flakes falling on the city brown,

Stealthily and perpetually settling and loosely lying,

Hushing the latest traffic of the drowsy town;

–Robert Bridges

This little snatch of poetry does a great job of capturing that hushed, peaceful feeling I get when I see the snowfall.  I love falling asleep knowing the snow is coming down, or waking up to the surprise of a white lawn where there used to be a brown one.  It could happen any day now!!

Anniversary Getaway

Anniversary Getaway

Although our 10th anniversary was back in June, we celebrated again this weekend with a delightful weekend away.  Thanks to the gift of a condo from my parents and babysitting from Than’s parents, we enjoyed…

…a tour and tea tasting at Celestial Seasonings

…the majestic landscapes of Bill Hughes at the Leaning Tree art gallery

…four bull elk stopping traffic

…veal saltimbocca with cannoli for dessert

…window shopping in nearly every store in downtown Estes

…three visits to a great papercrafting store (including a husband who not only gave me permission to buy things, but helped me pick them out!)

…chai tea by the side of a lake while watching the moon and stars

…dashing barefoot through the cold to warm up in a deserted hot tub

…late night card games

…discovering a lovely little Anglican chapel hidden away on a dirt road

…the beauty of golden aspens mixed with dark pines

…tequila lime tacos and spicy queso

…taking photos of each other just outside our room by a rushing stream

…beignets with raspberry sauce and an avocado-turkey eggs Benedict

…peeking in rooms at the beautiful and historic Stanley Hotel

…waking up to the first snow of the season

…the freedom to keep our own schedule–go whenever, eat whenever, wake and sleep whenever

…lots of uninterrupted conversation, perhaps one of the best treats of all

We are so grateful for the time away together, and look forward to the next ten years!

More Snow

More Snow

A few more photos from various February snows.  Nathan is learning to shovel snow, and is actually almost helpful at times!  He helped Than shovel walks for our neighbors this month, and once he got over the “Oh no, I have to work?!!” hurdle he really enjoyed it.  It is rewarding to spend special time with Daddy, and to know that what you do really is helpful to the grown-up world.  Besides, when you are finished you can probably talk Dad into burying you in snow!


Katya likes to go out in the snow too, although her snow suit is a bit intimidating…

Sometimes she likes to wear it anyway, but often we just skip it so she can actually move more easily!



The snow finally came, a week or so ago, and boy was Katya excited!  She wanted to go out as soon as she saw it (even though the first snowfall was just a light dusting, not even an inch!)  Schedule dictated that she had to wait until later in the morning, but when we finally got outside she had a great time doing her favorite snow activity–tasting it!  She said it tasted like sugar, but I’m not sure I believe her…


(Sidenote–don’t you love the carefully planned background on the above photo?!!  Trash from our bathroom remodel…  More on that in another post)

We enjoyed tromping around the backyard and walked most of the way around the block before she got cold and I had to carry her home.  A good beginning to the fast-approaching winter!


Also Springtime

Also Springtime


In contrast to my last post, springtime in Colorado can also feel like this…


I imagine Katya’s frustrated face saying “Snow?  Now?  What about gardens and flowers and seeds and grilling dinner on the back patio?”  Actually, she is saying “Let me in!  I’m wet and cold and couldn’t find any rocks to put in my purse.”  In defense of my mothering sense, however, it was her idea to go outside in the first place!  She loves the outdoors and when she asked to go out, I told her she could only go if she wore her boots and hat and coat (thinking that would discourage her and keep her in where it was warm.)  Silly me!  She tromped in five minutes later, boots on her feet, coat dragging behind her, asking “Mom, where is my red hat?”  She did have a good time wandering around for a while, eating fresh snow and tromping in the slush, before she finally gave up and came back in!  I don’t think she found the much loved rocks, but she did bring her purse out just in case…