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Nathan’s Seasons

Nathan’s Seasons

Today’s “student work” is from Nathan.  Enjoy!

For the full effect, you should click on this PDF (SeasonsSm) so you can see the colors and photos that Nathan chose to go with his writing.


The field slept under the fresh blanket of snow. A cardinal twittered a few notes and then was silent. The church bells rang and the children shouted as snowballs were flung about. But the plants still slept on and on and on. This is winter.


The field sprung into spring as flowers burst into bloom and birds twittered among the trees. Church bells rang signaling the Easter service. Children romped in the spring sun. Easter eggs popped open and squeals came from the finders. This is spring.


Bright flowers twirled in the magenta sunset. People ran out with huge boxes of fireworks to light for the Fourth of July lighting. WHIZZ-POP there goes one rocket. PHEEE! a screaming one went! This is summer.


A football landed in front of a tree. Mr. Squirrel ran to his stash of nuts. A cool breeze wafted through the trees. Some childish laughter rang in Mrs. Bear’s ears. The world was slowing down again. This is autumn. (fall)

God made the seasons to help us enjoy his creation.


Fall is Really Here!

Fall is Really Here!

Yesterday there was something in my front yard that looked like this…

Last night we pulled in the green tomatoes, clipped all the blossoms, and re-potted the herbs into the windowsill, because today, we woke up to this…

I love living in Colorado with dramatic seasons!!  (Especially knowing it will probably be 70 degrees again next week…)

The Garden Season

The Garden Season

“Growing time” is over now, so here’s a look back at our garden this year.  I promise, no more garden posts now until spring, honest!!