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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Because Halloween was on a Friday this year, we decided to do something special.  Than rented a cotton candy machine and we set up shop in the garage, making and handing out over 50 bags of cotton candy.


The kids had been looking forward to this treat for days and they especially had fun taking bags around to our neighbors in a little bit of reverse Trick-or-Treating.


(In case you are wondering, Katya’s costume is supposed to be a Dalmation dog and Nathan is an easel with a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other.)

We ate our traditional Halloween chili out in the garage, carved pumpkins out there in between guests, and generally had a great evening talking with people and being together as a family.  Some of the parents were almost as excited about cotton candy as their kids were, and I think it will be a family memory that will last a long time for us.


New Park

New Park

All summer the playground at the school near our house has been under construction.  We watched the progress excitedly and when they finally took the fences down just before school started we headed down the hill to check it out.

Nathan rides his bike now, so Katya likes to take hers too!

They have lots of fun music toys–these cool drums and some beautiful chimes and xylophones.  I can hear the sounds ringing up the hill when the kids come out to play for recess.  Fun!

There are some cool toys that I haven’t seen at a lot of playgrounds.  This one is a favorite.  There is also lots of colorful painting on the asphalt–hopscotch that looks like a caterpillar, four square courts with big colored squares, a map of the USA, a Fibonaci sequence path, and the alphabet.

The scavenger hunt is Nathan’s favorite thing.  The pictures are listed on a playstructure, and little plastic figures that match are bolted to various things around the playground.  He’s had great fun finding them all.  Unfortunately we have seen destruction quickly follow the creation (isn’t that a Biblical truth!) so there is already a little spray painting and some of the toys have been pretty harshly abused, but we hope that our neighborhood can work with the school to better care for this fun new spot.