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With frost and snow on the horizon, I sent the kids out to gather whatever they wanted from the garden while I re-potted the herbs to bring inside.  They had a fabulous time pretending they were farmers from the Ipad game “Hay Day” while they cut, collected, and puttered about.  They filled basket after basket with green tomatoes, herb clippings, flowers, and even a few forgotten zucchini!


(Enjoy the sneak peak of Nathan wearing glasses–those are just play ones with no lenses, but I am sure his time is coming…)


Final Harvest

Final Harvest

The frost will be here soon, so Than went out one night and harvested the last of the tomatoes before the end.  Here’s our final harvest…

Flowers from my mother-in-law, herbs re-potted in the windowsill, tomatoes in 3 shades of ripeness, the last of the basil, and a final big zucchini made into bread.  Putting things away, I was grateful for…

…the pungent tomato vines, one more whiff of summer.

…the delicious odor of basil, reminding me of the summer I was pregnant with Katya and had to give away my whole harvest because I couldn’t stand the smell.

…a husband who would go out in the dark to finish up the gardening for me.

…the best garden yield we’ve had yet.

…the cycle of planting, growth, and harvest that connects me with my dependence on God’s provision for our needs.

The Harvest Begins

The Harvest Begins

It is finally time to begin harvesting things from the garden!  A good reward for all the weeding, that’s for sure.  Couldn’t have done it without Than’s help.  So far we’ve had some peas, cherry tomatoes, assorted herbs, a few beans, four beets, one yellow tomato, flowers, and LOTS of zucchini, striped squash, and yellow squash.

Here is yesterday’s harvest…

(Lest you be too impressed, I must point out that those are all the beans we are likely to get, and there are only 2 or 3 tiny beets left in the ground hoping to get big enough to eat!)

We picked all these in one day a few weeks ago…

Also, our shiitake mushroom log (a gift from here) produced its first mushrooms–fun to watch them grow.  So far, so good in the gardening world this year!