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Flamenco Fun!

Flamenco Fun!

While on our Santa Fe museum tour, we enjoyed dressing up at a flamenco exhibit…


The inspiration resulted  in grandma’s gift of flamenco skirts for Katya and I, and a visit to the thrift store yielded just the right hat and shirt for Nathan.  Unfortunately, a bad fall on the playground gave Katya a sprained ankle that put quite a crimp in her flamenco dancing aspirations for a few weeks.  We almost didn’t go to our annual church Family Fun Night, but Katya was a trooper and we ended up enjoying FFN in style.  (Our valiant Sheriff was busy running the event, so he and his impressive western sideburns didn’t make it into the photo).


As a fun side note, we also received the gift of some face-painting pencils.  Katya enlisted Than’s artistry to come up with this fun design!


Even a reluctant Nathan was persuaded to try out a mustache for a little while.


Happy Halloween–come on over for cotton candy and flamenco fun!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Because Halloween was on a Friday this year, we decided to do something special.  Than rented a cotton candy machine and we set up shop in the garage, making and handing out over 50 bags of cotton candy.


The kids had been looking forward to this treat for days and they especially had fun taking bags around to our neighbors in a little bit of reverse Trick-or-Treating.


(In case you are wondering, Katya’s costume is supposed to be a Dalmation dog and Nathan is an easel with a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other.)

We ate our traditional Halloween chili out in the garage, carved pumpkins out there in between guests, and generally had a great evening talking with people and being together as a family.  Some of the parents were almost as excited about cotton candy as their kids were, and I think it will be a family memory that will last a long time for us.


Happy Reformation Day!

Happy Reformation Day!


Yes, this blogger still exists, absent though she has been for the past month!  But never fear–the lack of posts is because we have been busy with all kinds of fun things, so there is lots to share over the coming days.  Today, you can just giggle at my silly kids–showing off some fun disguises from Bonzo’s Halloween box, and dressed up as Princess Peach and Luigi at Family Fun Night last week.  (In case you are wondering, I went as “The Sunday School Lady” from What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver.  In case you are still wondering, “What’s in the Bible…” is our top pick for best Christian kids DVD series.  Google it if you are still wondering!!!)




Here are some quick pictures from our pumpkin carving escapades (and no, they did not come from the garden–only one plant grew, and it bloomed one week before the frost.  Not too good for growing pumpkins!)

We read a book about Martin Luther, sang “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” and roasted pumpkin seeds.  Fun!

Katya enlisted Daddy’s help to make her princess, Nathan gave me instructions for various shapes, and Than carved our third pumpkin with some pretty swirls.  Lighting them is always fun, and the squirrels enjoyed them even more than we did once they made it out to the back porch.  Now we have very fat squirrels!

We also enjoy going to Family Fun Night at church this time of year.  Daddy works very hard overseeing everything, but the biggest excitement this year was going with some friends from school.  I think Nathan and Katya liked that even better than playing the games and collecting candy!  Katya went as a princess, of course, in a costume of her own creation out of the dress up box.  Nathan stuck with tradition and went as Thomas the Tank Engine.  I’m so grateful for that costume!

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

What does our family do for Halloween?

Go to Family Fun Night at church–this year Katya liked the mule ride and Nathan had fun with the games.  (In case you can’t tell, Nathan is Junior Asparagus and Katya is a princess).

Carve pumpkins–one from our garden, one from a pumpkin giveaway.  Daddy still does most of the carving, but the kids were helpful cleaning them out and rescuing the seeds for roasting.

Eat chili and jack-o-lantern peach salads for dinner and cider and doughnuts for dessert, a long standing tradition.

Project the Wii into the front window and play as a family while welcoming the trick-or-treaters.