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A Bean Grows in Denver

A Bean Grows in Denver

As part of her science unit at school, Katya has been carefully tending some bean seeds in a plastic cup.  She has loved watching them appear and has faithfully photographed their growth from when the sprout appeared to when we put it outside.

I was amazed at how quickly they grew–the first few photos were taken with only about 12 hours between each picture!

Creation is amazing!

A Pounding…

A Pounding…

Late last night, an evening rainstorm turned nasty.  Eventually the pounding of hail on the roof woke both kids, sending them looking for comfort and reassurance as the heavy barrage continued.  It was really hard to soothe my crying daughter when, on the inside, I was feeling sad and angry myself.  I hate hail because it makes me feel so powerless and trapped, and it is so destructive at a hopeful “growing” time of year.  I didn’t even want to look out the window this morning, so Than went out to survey the damage first before I could bring myself to check it out in person.  This isn’t the first time my garden has been pommeled, and I am sure it won’t be the last.


An event like this fills me with questions.

Why do I plant a garden when I know it will probably get damaged?

Why do I get so sad when things are destroyed, even though it happens every year?

Why does God allow such destructive storms?

What right do I have to be upset when the yard is purely for beauty and pleasure, not something my family depends on for sustenance?

What right do I have to be upset when, just a few blocks away, the hail was so deep that a front end loader was needed to dig out the cars?  (Check out these photos-unbelievable!!)

Does this help me to be more compassionate to others in “crisis” or is it presumptuous to even begin to compare 30 minutes of suburban hail to natural (and man-caused) disasters around the world?

I know petunias are not nearly as important as people, but is there room for sadness about temporal, physical, “minor” losses even though the big things in life are going right?

What is the point?  What should I learn?

Will the sun ever shine for more than 48 hours this summer?!!!

Am I going to stop whining and finish this blog post?


I don’t have good answers.  All I know is that we will clean up the yard (when the rain gives us a chance) and more plants will survive than I thought, although more are damaged than I would like.  It is National Donut Day, so we celebrated in style, and time goes on regardless of what is happening outside.  Heave a big sigh, munch a fresh free donut, and say thank-you to God for so much that is good.  Eventually my feelings will catch up with the logic of all of that!





With frost and snow on the horizon, I sent the kids out to gather whatever they wanted from the garden while I re-potted the herbs to bring inside.  They had a fabulous time pretending they were farmers from the Ipad game “Hay Day” while they cut, collected, and puttered about.  They filled basket after basket with green tomatoes, herb clippings, flowers, and even a few forgotten zucchini!


(Enjoy the sneak peak of Nathan wearing glasses–those are just play ones with no lenses, but I am sure his time is coming…)




The sight of a half-eaten tomato, left in the middle of the patio, means only one thing–SQUIRRELS!!  After fuming for days about the rascals who ate my first, second, and third big ripe tomatoes, I think the humans have finally gotten the upper hand.  We borrowed a dog for a week, which helped, and perhaps the combination of readily available sunflower heads in the garden and wet weather keeping the critters away is the reason that the rest of the tomato harvest seems to be mine.  Phew!  BLTs, here we come…


(In case you are wondering, the super cute measuring spoon set that I used for size comparison is a birthday gift from my mom.  Aren’t they fun?)

Lavender Time

Lavender Time


The lavender is in bloom, again, and my bushes are HUGE this year.  Of course, the best thing to do with huge lavender bushes is have a party!!  I have such fun planning and hosting my annual lavender garden party, and this year was no exception.


I used both vintage quilts and quilts my mom made for the tablecloths…


Than and the kids cleaned up the yard and patio, and even thought up this cute seating idea…


Of course there were vases of lavender everywhere, but my favorite part is the buffet table 🙂


The Menu:

Veggie Tray


Olive Oil Crackers

Caprese Skewers

Fresh Blueberries

Lavender Scones

Samoa Bars

Lavender Lemonade

Sweet Mint Tea

Hope you can come join me next year 🙂

Random Quote

Random Quote


Random Quote #200

If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; if you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.  –English proverb

Thank you to whoever planted the trees in my yard.  The one in the center that shades my patio was perfectly placed many years ago, and it makes me happy all summer long!

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Inspired by a gift to Katya from my grandmother, we finally got around to making our own fairy garden.  (And yes, I know that fairies aren’t real and so do my kids, it is just the perfect name for a tiny little created world!)  I’ve wanted to do this project for a while and it was fun to get to it.  We started with a big rolling planter, also from my grandmother now that I think of it!


After putting in some fresh soil, we added some plants from the nursery, transplanted others from around the yard, stuck in a few decorations from last year’s gnome dish garden (thanks, mom) and made sand paths.  Once the kids got over arguing about who would do what, we had a good time imagining together.


Katya’s inside fairies came out for a visit, as did a few other tiny toys.



The kids have played with it several times since we started.  Katya likes to collect roly poly bugs and set them loose to wander around.  Both kids decorate it occasionally with nature finds from the yard–a few snail shells, a ladybug shell, some bright pink flower petals.  We will add different things throughout the summer and see what grows.  Hopefully I will get Than to take some better photos of it later on.  For now, these will have to do.  Why are tiny things so much fun?

Garden Season

Garden Season

Despite the fact that Nathan had a snow day from school in the first week of April, it is beginning to be garden time here.  While I was in Houston, Than worked hard to surprise me with a garden freshly tilled, beefed up with new soil and compost, and nicely lined with paths.  It looked great!


Katya and I have planted beets, peas, and kale so far.  More plants to come, but we are on our way…

Garden Party

Garden Party

I forgot to post pictures from my garden party a few weeks ago!  Here are the yummy goodies…

A few recipes…

 Berry Yogurt Cups

Ginger Lime Fruit

Chive Lemon Dip

Parmesan Crisps

Chocolate Mint Cookie Squares

Lavender Scones


and of course, lavender lemonade (I had fun making special cup toppers on my Cameo cutting machine.

And now, a few weeks later, the bulk of the lavender harvest has been preserved.  Let me know if you need a sweet smelling wand for your sock drawer!



I picked the first bunch of lavender a few days ago and the other plants aren’t too far behind…

Look for a girly garden party arriving soon!