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A Faithful Friend

A Faithful Friend

Buddy Bear turned eight while we were on vacation.  We celebrated his birthday when we got back.


He has been a faithful companion and is still greatly loved.  Happy Birthday, Buddy Bear!



Tuxedo (11)

Buddy Bear Goes Camping

Buddy Bear Goes Camping

Guest post by Nathan Baylor

When Buddy Bear goes camping he…


wakes up and has breakfast,




throws rocks in the water,




visits his teepee,


guards the rock wall,



and has dinner by the campfire.



Good night!

Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic

Well, Teddy Bear week is over.  Nathan sure enjoyed having his friend with him at school each day!  They even dressed twice in matching red uniform shirts.  The final event of Teddy Bear week was the Teddy Bear picnic at a park near school, and I was able to join Nathan for the fun.  The kids all enjoyed lunch on the grass with their bears, followed by plenty of time to play on the playground.  Bears were everywhere–one even got stuck in a tree!  The picnic ended with the kids splitting into groups to read the stories they had written about their bears.

Here’s Nathan’s:

“My bear’s name is Buddy Bear.  Buddy Bear is tan and medium sized.  My bear likes to copy me.  I love Buddy Bear because he copies me.”

Well, Buddy Bear, your friendship has lasted over 5 years and seems to be going strong.  Hope you enjoyed your time at school!


Student of the Week

Student of the Week

Over 20 days of school already gone?  Wow!  Nathan doesn’t make it into as many blog posts these days, since he’s not around to photograph, so I thought I’d try to photograph some of his work or projects from time to time.  Last week he was the Student of the Week, a very important honor apparently!  The Friday before his week began, he brought home his teacher’s special teddy bear, Max, who came complete with a backpack full of clothes and toys.  One of his jobs over the weekend was to take a picture of Max having an adventure and then write a sentence about that adventure in Max’s story book.  Apparently the best part of Max’s weekend was hanging out with Buddy Bear.

Nathan also brought home a poster that he could fill out about himself.  He brought it back to school and had a special time to share it with his classmates.  I was going to help him, but he took it into his room and did it all himself without any assistance–wow!  His pencil words are a little hard to read, but hopefully my notes make sense and you can enjoy his drawings.

Watch out–next week is Teddy Bear week, so Buddy Bear is headed off to school!

Yes, I Still Have a Son

Yes, I Still Have a Son

Poor Nathan doesn’t make it into my photos as often, now that he is in school!  Here are a few special things about him lately…

…3/4 done with kindergarten–where did the year go?!

…becoming quite a good reader, often found sitting on the heating vent looking through books after he wakes up in the morning.

…increasingly helpful and responsible (and sometimes even cheerful about it).

…still loves his Buddy Bear (who recently received all-new stuffing).

…quite a big brother, kind one minute and full of bossy corrections the next!

…owner of a gap-toothed smile that can’t help but make me smile in return.