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16 Years Ago…

16 Years Ago…

Vacation Bible School week…

Crazy Hair Day for students and leaders…

School board meeting…

And our 16th Anniversary!!

I’m pretty proud of this anniversary photo–the two of us, together, doing things we love.  A cathedral length veil and flamingo shorts just says a lot!  We look forward to celebrating “properly” next weekend with a getaway for just the two of us, but the day didn’t go uncelebrated in spite of the timing!  Than had volunteers bring me flowers throughout the day, and I ended up with a huge pitcher which I displayed next to our wedding photos for anyone who was patient enough to stop and take a peek.

We squeezed in family dinner at Chik-Fil-A, always the height of romantic destinations, and were happy to serve together surrounded by people who care for us well.  It really was a happy anniversary, and who knows what we will be dressed in after 16 more!

14 Years…

14 Years…

Has it really been 14 years since I dressed up in my grandmother’s ivory satin?  14 years since that blur of a day when I felt like a princess and smiled so much my cheeks hurt?  14 years since the man I loved became the man I married?  14 years of sharing love, laughter, life together?  Yes, 14 years…


(The man who led my college Bible study posted some reflections about his 20th anniversary shortly after we celebrated our 14th.  I find them particularly appropriate for the way my marriage feels to me, so I hope you read them…)

Eleven Years Ago…

Eleven Years Ago…

from my journal, June 14, 2001

“This is the end of my final day as a Shaw daughter.  My last night as a single woman.  The last time I sleep in this room.  The last time I will sleep alone.  It hardly seems real–like I’m watching a movie or something… I hope details are coming together but surely with so much help the important stuff will be taken care of and the unimportant won’t be a problem… God brought us here, He will hold us together, and that is all that matters.  Tomorrow will be a full day, a fun day, a beautiful day, no matter what happens.  I am marrying the man of my dreams and all of my family will be there to rejoice with us…

My family has done an amazing job of supporting me throughout this wedding.  Their love is evident everywhere–Dad working on the house and telling people how much he’ll miss me, Nathan playing the trumpet and standing up with me, Kaye playing cello and totally doing all the decorations and supporting me, mom working so hard and running errands with me and caring but not stressing out.  I am so blessed to have a family like that and a man like Than as well (of course, I love his family too).  There is so much I haven’t said, especially concerning how I feel about Than and how much I love him, but it is getting late and I need sleep.  Tomorrow my first love will turn into my lifelong love and I will begin a new chapter of life.  My feelings are many but I feel wrapped in God’s hand, secure in His direction, filled with His love.  I’m ready to get married!!”

Anniversary Getaway

Anniversary Getaway

Although our 10th anniversary was back in June, we celebrated again this weekend with a delightful weekend away.  Thanks to the gift of a condo from my parents and babysitting from Than’s parents, we enjoyed…

…a tour and tea tasting at Celestial Seasonings

…the majestic landscapes of Bill Hughes at the Leaning Tree art gallery

…four bull elk stopping traffic

…veal saltimbocca with cannoli for dessert

…window shopping in nearly every store in downtown Estes

…three visits to a great papercrafting store (including a husband who not only gave me permission to buy things, but helped me pick them out!)

…chai tea by the side of a lake while watching the moon and stars

…dashing barefoot through the cold to warm up in a deserted hot tub

…late night card games

…discovering a lovely little Anglican chapel hidden away on a dirt road

…the beauty of golden aspens mixed with dark pines

…tequila lime tacos and spicy queso

…taking photos of each other just outside our room by a rushing stream

…beignets with raspberry sauce and an avocado-turkey eggs Benedict

…peeking in rooms at the beautiful and historic Stanley Hotel

…waking up to the first snow of the season

…the freedom to keep our own schedule–go whenever, eat whenever, wake and sleep whenever

…lots of uninterrupted conversation, perhaps one of the best treats of all

We are so grateful for the time away together, and look forward to the next ten years!