About Me

About Me

What is a movie I’ve enjoyed recently?

Inside Out.  Amazing!!! (3/3/16)

What is a book I’ve enjoyed reading lately?

Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth  (3/3/16)

What craft project am I working on?

Making banners out of old fabric scraps (3/3/16)

What is something about Nathan I’m enjoying?

Introducing him to the exciting world of chapter books–so much to share! (8/27/12)

What is something about Katya I’m enjoying?

Her focused creativity, especially when drawing or dancing.  (8/27/12)

What is something I love about Than?

His wise council to me when I am stressed or troubled.  (8/27/12)

What am I learning about God?

He has given each of us different skills and desires and expects us to use what we have, not long for what someone else has. (8/27/12)

What is something I’m looking forward to?

Summer vacation! (3/3/16)

What is a current favorite food or recipe?

Friday night homemade pizza (4/1/11)

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