Escape to Santa Fe

Escape to Santa Fe


When my parents were in town a few weeks ago, we managed to escape south for a few days and spend some time in Santa Fe, NM.  It was a fun adventure, punctuated by excellent food, family game-playing, and tons of museum time.  Something for everyone!!











Here are our top picks:

Best breakfast: The Chocolate Maven (not Southwestern, but such wonderful baked goods and we could watch the bakers at work while we ate)

Best lunch: I can’t even remember–pretty much, Mexican food here is just really good all the way around!

Best museum: My personal favorite is the Folk Art museum that features a HUGE room full of toys and miniatures.  That’s where many of the pictures are from, and was one of the places the kids also enjoyed most.  I think Than’s favorite was the art museum, and my dad liked the history museum.

Best memory: TIME together–car time, eating time, game time–I just like to be with my family!!

3 thoughts on “Escape to Santa Fe

  1. Was a great time I liked getting into the botanical garden with your Denver membership and seeing a garden just getting going. Also the car time was fun and the colorado color fantastic. Plus we got to experience a real Colorado “color jam” so cosmopolitan

  2. Love the photos, looks like everyone had a good time. Can’t believe how grown up your kids look. Love the picture with the milkshakes.

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