Pinterest Projects

Pinterest Projects


A few more Pinterest projects, now that school has started and I’m looking back through photos…

Marshmallow Shooters

The basic idea is one we’ve done before, but for some reason it didn’t work very well this time.  Maybe my balloons weren’t big enough, and I didn’t review the instructions, so who knows were else we messed up.  Oh well, it was a good reason for Nathan and his friend to eat marshmallows and develop all kinds of other silly play in the backyard.  I guess that is success enough for me!

Black Glue Watercolors

Yes, another project with our liquid watercolors.  We found them to be a little liquidy for this particular task, maybe a problem with the paper we used.  However, drawing with the black glue was fun (and a good hand workout).  I also like two part projects, since we get double crafting time out of one idea.


Shoot paper cups with a water gun

We didn’t have any water guns on hand, but we tried close range pipette shooting and long range Dollar Store squirter shooting.  Basically the kids weren’t super interested in target practice for very long, it was just another reason to spray water all over the backyard.  Perfect.

What happens to an egg submerged in vinegar?

Cool pictures on Pinterest can lead a mom astray, all right.  Simple setup–just leave an egg in a glass of vinegar for two days and watch the shell dissolve right off.  What did I forget to think about?  Just because it feels solid DOESN’T mean it has become solid!  We were all excited to roll around our bouncy egg outside, but it broke instantly when I dropped it.  Mommy gets to clean up a sticky vinegar mess, and the kids are impressed anyway.  Go figure.


Sponge Bombs

I’ve had these on the to-do list for about three summers now, and finally got around to making them.  They were colorful and easy.  The instructions said tie them with fishing line, but I just used zip ties and cut off the long end.  Slightly more dangerous, I suppose, but that hasn’t been a problem so far.  We used about 10-14 pieces of sponge per ball, and had a mixture of foam sponges, cello-type sponges, and old towel scraps.


Erupting Chalk Paint

After one of our watercolor sessions, we turned the leftover paint into chalk paint.  It looked so pretty when I took it out of the freezer!


Playing with it wasn’t as fun as promised, however.  The chalk cubes didn’t draw very well.  Spraying them with vinegar did make a bit of fizzing reaction, but not quite as dramatic as I anticipated.  You win some, you loose some.  It was cool to watch the colors melt and blend all over the sidewalk.


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