Why Don’t I Blog?

Why Don’t I Blog?


There are lots of reasons I write for this blog, and that is the subject of a future post, but the thing that is getting in the way for me today is why I DON’T write.  Therefore, in an attempt to clear my head and get on with it, I’m going to write about not writing.  How’s that for confusing?!!

Sometimes, there just doesn’t seem to be anything interesting going on.  Kids are at school, I’m doing housework and lesson teaching and baking and admin work, life is just routine.  I could nearly identical posts about those things several days a week, but you would stop reading pretty quickly!

HOWEVER, when I do challenge myself to write about the “ordinary,” I am surprised by what I discover.  Looking at the everyday with eyes that hope to share it helps me to notice things I would otherwise take for granted.

Sometimes, there is way too much going on!  Schedules get crazy and my normal times for reflection and writing disappear.

HOWEVER, these can often be the times when the challenge to write is a very powerful tool to help me slow down and take notice, hanging on to precious moments before they disappear in a flood.

Sometimes, I totally forgot to take pictures of the things I want to write about.

HOWEVER, that’s just silly since I take tons of pictures of things I never write about.  Who says the photos actually have to match the words?

Sometimes, the things that are going on are really hard to write about.  They seem important to me but I worry that no one else will be interested.  Or they are things that I am anxious to share, but not in a general public forum to whoever might be reading.

HOWEVER, feelings like these remind me of the importance of staying connected.  I need that, even though I usually operate as if I don’t.  The blog certainly isn’t the place to write every thing and anything, but that drive to know and be known should be listened to.  If I can’t write about it, then I need to pick up the phone or try pen and a notecard or dash off an e-mail.  Some things in life just need to be shared!

Now that I’ve cleared that up, it’s time to return to my regularly scheduled blogging program.  Thanks for your patience as I clear the air!



5 thoughts on “Why Don’t I Blog?

  1. ” … but that drive to know and be known should be listened to.”

    I totally agree, (and so does CS Lewis, haha) because it keeps me from being the only one.

  2. So True. Your willingness to reach out to us is always appreciated, always valuable
    HOWEVER As dad says about Moms toll house cookies, They are great dear but keep practicing!

  3. Thanks for sharing, no matter the forum, friends always like to hear the thoughts, random or collected, with or without pictures… However Calvin loves seeing any pictures posted, both of you guys and of Colorado. Nice shot from the foothills.

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