Pinterest Projects

Pinterest Projects


Following the same lines as my recent recipe post, here are the links to some Pinterest craft projects I’ve recently enjoyed…  (And no, I had nothing to do with the Johnny Appleseed hat and glasses shown in Katya’s photo above.  That cuteness was all school-produced!)

Printable Paper Gnomes

Nathan and some friends were playing gnome games of some kind or another for a little while, so I put together a few of these funny guys for them to use.

Pom-Pom Branches

When I gave Katya her own hot glue gun and a bunch of pom-poms for Christmas, I also included some printed cards to give craft ideas.  This was a simple one that turned out quite well.  We found some neat red branches on a bush in the yard and she did a great job gluing on random pom-poms to make an arrangement for the top of her dresser.

Playing Card Valentines

I made these cute Valentine people for the kids to hand out this year.  No, not because I’m trying to prove I’m an awesome mom.  No, not because I’m too cheap to buy Valentines at the store.  No, not because I think everyone should make everything.  I just made them because I like to make stuff, and I had fun!!

Pom-Pom Love Bugs

These were the little Valentine gift I made to give the kids.  They turned out so cute!!  I made a big one and a little one for each kid, and then a friend and I made a whole bunch more.

Doodle Cubes

These were a good excuse to just enjoy markers and crayons without needing to make anything in particular.  Our whole family participated on a snowy afternoon at home, and now we have a pile of cool blocks to play with for a little while!


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