School Days

School Days

In case you have begun to wonder, yes, my kids are back in school.  I am realizing that some of you may be doubting that fact, since I haven’t posted proof in the form of first-day-photos on Facebook or this blog or anywhere else.  But, even without making it public to the world, it happened anyway.

And yes, I did take a picture (OK, really it was the second day, not the first, but that’s close enough I think!)


Both kids have adjusted pretty well to the change of schedule (let’s be honest, to the arrival of a schedule after our laid-back summer habits.)  They have good teachers, friends in their classes, and all sorts of good new school supplies (I just love shopping in the pens and paper aisles!!)


How did I end up with a 1st grader and a 4th grader already?  Who knows what the year ahead will hold, but I am writing this post thankful for the provision of a good school environment where my kids can be challenged to grow not just in academics, but in relating to the world around them.


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