A Cardboard Box…

A Cardboard Box…

What do you do when your kids work hard for several hours getting the garden and yard cleaned up for spring planting?  Well, if you are me you think about taking them out to lunch or buying them a present.  If you are Than, however, you take the leftover cardboard in the junk pile outside and turn it into super cool loft-bed-fort-houses.


Now, instead of spending money and acquiring something that needs to be put away, you get several days of creative play while the kids decorate their new spaces inside and out–markers, stickers, custom-cut windows–so fun to see the personality of each child played out in their designs.


Eventually the forts had to come down, but not before I promised to take pictures so we could remember them.  I am grateful for my inventive husband, my playful kids, and the fun of turning trash into treasure (and using up a bunch of long-piled stickers in the process!)


4 thoughts on “A Cardboard Box…

  1. Nothing like giant boxes for fun. I had a couple of daughters and a son that did that all the time.

  2. I want one! This is one of the coolest ideas ever. Would love to hear their descriptions/ideas of the cut-outs and the flaps.

  3. That’s awesome, we do a lot of cardboard box play around here, but no projects that large yet, thanks for the inspiration.

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