Sometimes Pinterest Really Works

Sometimes Pinterest Really Works

Here is a rare Pinterest project that actually worked about as well as I thought it would!

I found instructions on Pinterest for a popsicle stick catapult.  Believe it or not, I actually managed to pull the supplies out of my well stocked craft cupboards, make a test version, and then assemble one with Nathan less than a week after I pinned the original idea.  Now, in case you aren’t impressed, you should know that I have pinned over 3,000 recipes, craft ideas, kid games, quotes, and other random things that seem cool.  I have actually completed less than 10% of those.  Don’t ever be tempted to think that my real life actually resembles my Pinterest dream life!!

Anyway, here is Nathan shooting pom-poms into pots…



For more about inspiration, including the goods and the bads of Pinterest, I found this blog post at (in)Courage to be helpful…

“How to Live an Inspired Life”

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