A Commercial

A Commercial

We interrupt the normally-scheduled cute kid photo post for this shameless (and earnest) commercial moment.

In my non-blogging time, or at least a little bit of it, I am honored to work for a non-profit organization called Get HOPE Global that offers business training and micro-loans to impoverished women and girls around the world.

Currently we are enjoying reports from Kenya, where a group of young women in their 20s are receiving training and starting their own businesses.  I have been challenged to adopt one of these ladies and tell her story to others who might want to underwrite the loan she is receiving from Get HOPE.  May I introduce you to Vimler…

Vimler close-up 2-14

According to her application, “Vilmer cleared her highschool but couldn’t go to college due to lack of fees, when she heard the HOPE program from a family friend, she became interested. She is so grateful that she joined this program because she wants to be independent in life.”

She is starting a business selling firewood and other retail products.  If you are interested in being part of Vimler’s story, go to Get HOPE Global Sponsorships and get involved.

Rachael and group 2-14

We now return to the regularly scheduled Baylor daily life moments.  Thanks for reading this brief international interruption 🙂

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