Running Away to the Circus

Running Away to the Circus

On the way back from an airport run, Than noticed that the circus was in town at the Denver Coliseum.  Totally on a whim he stopped at the box office, got a great deal on tickets, and came home to surprise us all with a trip to the circus that very night!


We got there early enough to see some clowns, elephants, and acrobats close-up on the circus floor before the beginning of the show.


There were some amazing acts and the kids were delighted.  It was a super experience to share with them!  Way to go, Daddy!


4 thoughts on “Running Away to the Circus

  1. I love how you share what your family does – all the special fun things you all do – thank you!!! Please give a big hug to the kids for me.

  2. Its neat that one can still see a circus these days. Assume it was three ring and probably a bit higher class than the one we took you to 20 years ago.

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