With frost and snow on the horizon, I sent the kids out to gather whatever they wanted from the garden while I re-potted the herbs to bring inside. ¬†They had a fabulous time pretending they were farmers from the Ipad game “Hay Day” while they cut, collected, and puttered about. ¬†They filled basket after basket with green tomatoes, herb clippings, flowers, and even a few forgotten zucchini!


(Enjoy the sneak peak of Nathan wearing glasses–those are just play ones with no lenses, but I am sure his time is coming…)


2 thoughts on “Harvest

  1. Looks like lots of fun, wow glasses, yup, doubt he will be able to escape them. My first pair were hot pink, not sure why my parents let me pick them, never helped with the fitting in thing.

  2. I was totally embarrassed to wear my black rim “google glasses” in 7th grade. neat harvest idea. Your brother and I played harvest baseball where I pitch tomatoes squash whatever and he hits with sunflower and corn stalks.
    Very messy and makes for interesting renegade plants next year.

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