Happy Reformation Day!

Happy Reformation Day!


Yes, this blogger still exists, absent though she has been for the past month!  But never fear–the lack of posts is because we have been busy with all kinds of fun things, so there is lots to share over the coming days.  Today, you can just giggle at my silly kids–showing off some fun disguises from Bonzo’s Halloween box, and dressed up as Princess Peach and Luigi at Family Fun Night last week.  (In case you are wondering, I went as “The Sunday School Lady” from What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver.  In case you are still wondering, “What’s in the Bible…” is our top pick for best Christian kids DVD series.  Google it if you are still wondering!!!)


2 thoughts on “Happy Reformation Day!

  1. Good to see you back posting, my friend! I bought the Buck Denver series to dole out to the kids for Christmas, birthdays. They so enjoyed “why do they call it Christmas?” last year – all thanks to you!!

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