Practically Perfect in Every Way

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Since our whole family likes Mary Poppins the movie and Mary Poppins the CD, we decided that Mary Poppins the musical would be a great way to introduce our kids to live professional theater.  I wasn’t sure how a stage show without Julie Andrews and Dick VanDyke could compete with the classic movie starring Julie Andrews and Dick VanDyke, but we were surprised and pleased with what we saw.  Some of the classic songs were incorporated, but the stage show also had plenty of original music and incorporated many new elements from the original book, giving it a flavor all its own.  There were some “wow” moments even for adults, but the “wow” factor for the kids was huge.  Katya was particularly enchanted, and watching my kids watch the show with stars in their eyes and rapt attention made my own viewing experience so much richer.


After the musical we enjoyed an early dinner at a nearby restaurant with all sorts of creative food, and the kids branched out and tried several unusual things.  All in all, it was a great outing.  (And now Nathan is working his way through Mary Poppins, the book, for the third time!!)

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