My Valentines

My Valentines


This charming pair is enough to make any Valentine’s Day memorable all on its own, but when you stir in a hearty dose of their romantic father the holiday suddenly rises to a new level!  I was treated to a new set of Tupperware, hidden all around the house, each one holding a little treat for me.  I figured that was a great celebration and was planning a nice dinner for our family.  Imagine my surprise when instead my children disappeared while I wasn’t looking and Than took me out instead to a very fancy Valentine’s dinner at The Manor House.  Slowly falling snow, lights sparkling at our hilltop destination, even a bouquet of flowers from my mother-in-law and “our song” playing during dinner.  I am a fortunate woman indeed.

2 thoughts on “My Valentines

  1. I love how your family celebrates in such fun and loving ways – your kids know they are loved; Than knows he’s loved; and you know you are loved – it’s fun to see what the Than & Michelle Baylor household has in store next! Thanks for giving us glimpses! Love you guys!!!

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