Katya Art

Katya Art

A few more Katya art samples, since she produces them at a very rapid pace…

A drawing from several months ago showing Katya (in the center) at her own wedding, marrying Bert from Mary Poppins and with the best man (who was nameless) also in attendance.

The current favorite item to draw, a rainbow princess.  (The colorful jagged things at the top are chandeliers).

A still life–she laid out the stuffed animals (the ones that are pictured here in her lap) and managed to draw them pretty well!

It is fun to watch her concentrate and develop her skills, and I even get the fun of pulling out the crayons myself sometimes!

4 thoughts on “Katya Art

  1. Ok. It’s official. She is infinitely more talented than her twin cousin. Sigh…we’ll just be here in Texas pulling up the rear 🙂

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