Time for Snow!

Time for Snow!

We happily greeted our first snow a few weeks ago.  Nathan was rooting for 30 inches and a snow day, but didn’t quite get that.  He had to go to school but as soon as he left, Katya pulled on her boots and headed for the backyard.

She played quite happily by herself, exploring the newly white world.  The kids got to play again after school with Daddy outside, checking out all the branches broken off by the weight of fresh snow on still-green leaves.  Hooray for wet white stuff!

(You can see the remnants of our “last night of fall” celebration, which involved roasting marshmallows outdoors in the fire pit knowing that the cold was soon to follow.)

One thought on “Time for Snow!

  1. Too bad it wasn’t a snow day, they are a fun break. We need to get our little guy into some snow, all he knows is hot and warm.

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