A Few Projects

A Few Projects

We snuck in a few more fun projects before school started.  Why does it make me feel good to do “projects” with my kids?  I guess it feels useful but fun, educational but creative, gives me some direction instead of the open-ended play that I struggle with.  Anyway, here is our marble circus…

Katya didn’t play with it super long, preferring to stockpile her marbles in her purse, but Nathan has enjoyed it several times.  I used a pattern from here (the website is in French but the photos are clear and the download is in English) and re-purposed a cardboard box, flipped upside down, to corral the marbles.  Fun!

We also made a paper city with printouts from here.  We’ve done this before, but the artist has drawn some new figures and our old paper city has long disappeared, so it was fun to do it again.  Katya and Nathan enjoyed playing together with the people and vehicles, a much more interactive and imaginative play than the last time we did it about a year ago.  Much has changed!

Finally, we enjoyed taking a few black-eyed-Susans to our neighbors, probably the best kind of project since it is focused on encouraging others rather than generating more toys to trip over!  I started out to cut a vase for our house, but the fistfuls of sunshine were so appealing I just kept cutting.  It was fun to share God’s bountiful beauty with those around us.

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