We recently had the privilege (?!!) of taking care of a friend’s dogs for a week.  The kids were, of course, delighted!  Dogsitting is a great way to have a pet–enjoy them, love them, and then say good bye before the novelty wears off!  Nathan in particular spent many hours outside with the dogs, throwing the ball for one and laying the in grass talking to the other.

Our pet week wasn’t perfect, though!  As I was preparing dinner one night, I remembered that the trash cans needed to come in from the curb.  I went out to get them and called Nathan to help me.  He went out the back door, forgot to close it, and by the time we got back into the house a few minutes later the dogs were in the living room!  We chased them outdoors and I went back to the kitchen, only to discover that the noodles I had left in the colander had disappeared!!!  Completely gone!!!  Oh well, it sounds funny now at least.  Such are the joys of having pets, and those are joys we will continue to do without for a while longer.

2 thoughts on “Dogsitting

  1. You have chosen a wise way to introduce your children to ALL the joys of pet ownership. No, maybe not all the joys, but there are other experiences that do not quite fit the description of joy.

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