Nathan's Birthday

Nathan's Birthday


Nathan is 5!  Amazing!  He is so grown up in so many ways (but still my little boy…)  Some birthday highlights:

Several nice cards which he enjoys looking through and reading–thanks everyone for remembering him!

A box of new books from Bonzo and Pappy, many of which he read on the first day (not very good at saving and savoring, but I guess he’ll learn!)


A treat in the box for Katya too, the dog named Ralph (complete with his own blue tissue paper “blanket”)


The birthday wreath, which Nathan helped me make, has adorned our door all week.  Come over on your birthday–we’ll put it out for you too!


An adventurous birthday lunch at Chik-fil-A (Nathan’s request) with an extra toy (which mysteriously disappeared) and a special balloon (which flew away on the way to the car) and a very distraught Nathan (who eventually calmed down, enjoyed the rest of the day, and got a new train at Target which soothed many troubles!)

The thrill of frosting a purple train cake with two helpers underneath my elbows!


Katya enjoying said-train cake, after a brief detour indoors to blow out the candles (too windy outside!)


An outing for ice cream with Grandpa Train and Grandma Sweetie

A cool purple big-boy bike, beautifully decked out by Poppy and greatly enjoyed


A new swimming pool (to share with Katya) for the backyard from Mommy and Daddy


Dinner with Gran B and Poppy, featuring Nathan’s requested menu of grilled jalapeno chicken, black bean and corn salad, spinach, and of course birthday cake!

A fancy travel bag full of supplies for our upcoming road trip from Aunt Kaye and Uncle Bryan

The anticipation of celebrating again with Grandma and Grandpa Chance when we visit Idaho.

Happy birthday, my sweet son!

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