Also Springtime

Also Springtime


In contrast to my last post, springtime in Colorado can also feel like this…


I imagine Katya’s frustrated face saying “Snow?  Now?  What about gardens and flowers and seeds and grilling dinner on the back patio?”  Actually, she is saying “Let me in!  I’m wet and cold and couldn’t find any rocks to put in my purse.”  In defense of my mothering sense, however, it was her idea to go outside in the first place!  She loves the outdoors and when she asked to go out, I told her she could only go if she wore her boots and hat and coat (thinking that would discourage her and keep her in where it was warm.)  Silly me!  She tromped in five minutes later, boots on her feet, coat dragging behind her, asking “Mom, where is my red hat?”  She did have a good time wandering around for a while, eating fresh snow and tromping in the slush, before she finally gave up and came back in!  I don’t think she found the much loved rocks, but she did bring her purse out just in case…


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  1. I hear you have made up for this bit of misery with temps in 80’s? Ahh Denver we are raining in the 40’s but did get to a sweltering 62

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