Road Trip 1

Road Trip 1

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a week long family vacation.  Our first stop was St. Louis, a destination laboriously reached after 15 1/2 hours in the car!  Icy roads in Kansas–not good.  We made it, though, and the kids traveled suprisingly well, considering the difficulties.  High on the list of car amusements were Fruit Loops, worksheets with whiteboard markers, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book on tape, and random mom-generated craft projects.  Nathan enjoyed a peanut hunt when we arrived, and Katya went straight into the bathtub after a bout with a carton of yogurt.  Bonzo and Pappy’s hospitality was greatly appreciated.

Sunday we enjoyed church, followed by lunch with the extended family.  Than manned the grill, Nathan had a great time playing with my cousin’s daughter Katherine, and I enjoyed the chance to catch up with cousins, aunts, and uncles while Katya took a long nap.  We also enjoyed a late afternoon visit to the new playground at Bonzo and Pappy’s church.  PBS Mystery and fun conversation full of stories rounded off the evening.

More to follow in the next post…

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