Happy Birthday, Nathan

Happy Birthday, Nathan

Nathan turned 4 last week.  That feels so old!  He had the birthday that kept on giving, with special treats or events every day for several days in a row.  I liked spreading out the fun rather than having one super full crazy day, and I think he enjoyed all the special attention.  (Of course he didn’t mind the wide variety of gifts, either…!). 


He did get a bit confused about the whole turning-4 thing, though.  When we would talk about his age before the 18th, he would say he was 3 and 3/4, or sometimes three and 9999999 (do you think he meant 3.9999?)  When we asked him on the 19th, though, he still insisted he was 3.  Apparently he couldn’t turn 4 until he ate the purple train cake, which happened on the 20th. 


I guess the cake made it official, even though the candles wouldn’t light in the wind and we had to put candles on his hot dog bun at dinner instead!  Our fun birthday activity on the 20th was meeting family and friends at Heritage Square amusement park outside of Golden for peanut butter sandwiches, grape Kool-Aid flavored cake, and rides on the train that circles the park. 


Other birthday celebrations included lunch at Chik-Fil-A with grandparents, a weekend visit from other grandparents, gifts and cards in the mail, and gifts whenever we got together with other people.  The train theme still carries on strong, although a soccer ball and a hula hoop were also quite popular.  Happy birthday, sweet boy!

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